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Kensington®: The Professionals’ Choice

Kensington anticipates the needs and challenges of the ever-evolving workplace and crafts professional-tier, award-winning solutions for organizations committed to providing peak professionals the tools they need to thrive.

Trusted for more than 35 years as The Professionals’ Choice, Kensington prides itself on three timeless core values:
  • Design—Through meticulous research, design, and engineering, Kensington solutions meet the ever-changing performance and compatibility needs of today’s professional.
  • Quality—The Kensington engineering team has three decades of experience in high-volume manufacturing of hardware IT products. Rigorous test cycles and quality control means all products are tested above industry standards.
  • Support—Kensington’s clients are around the world, and include companies large and small. Every customer is treated as a top-tier professional, no exceptions.
Kensington Professional Choice

Kensington Configurator

Find the perfect Kensington accessories for your tech with our configurator.


Kensington Gets Security

People trust Kensington to secure their electronics more than any other brand. In fact, Kensington has sold enough locks and cables to circle the globe twice. And their dedication doesn’t stop there, they’ve also designed biometric solutions, privacy screens, and shredders to offer a complete data protection solution. Learn more about Kensington biometric solutions below.

Docking Stations Re-imagined

Whether outfitting hoteling, hot-desking setups, or equipping the office’s road warriors, Kensington offers a broad, purpose-driven product portfolio that’s perfectly optimized to satisfy your needs—however diverse or challenging those needs happen to be. Designed for universal compatibility, and backed by an industry-leading three-year warranty, Kensington docks are built to keep your total cost of ownership down for the long haul.

It’s Always a 100% Fit with Kensington

Tell us about your docking station needs and we’ll find a Kensington solution for you to try out—with no obligation to buy.

Kensington Pro Concierge

Simplify Wellness with Kensington’s SmartFit® System

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to get personalized wellness solutions—just measure, adjust, and fit.
  1. Measure by placing your hand on the baseline of the included hand chart. The tip of your finger indicates your SmartFit® color.
  2. Adjust your product to the correct SmartFit® color setting (no tools needed!).
  3. Fit your SmartFit® product to your workstation, and you’re ready to be comfortable.

Let’s Connect!

From docks to locks and everything in between, we’ve got the Kensington tools you need. Let the experts at Connection listen to your needs, understand your goals, and deliver IT solutions and services designed around you!