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Innovative technologies can enable medical miracles. Lenovo® Workstations do their part by delivering powerful evaluating tools, blazing speed, and reliable access to medical images. The experts at Connection are here to help you make the possibility of enhanced performance attainable, using advanced Lenovo solutions that deliver ease of use and reliability that users can count on.
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PACS Imaging Solutions Drive Healthcare Organizations to Rethink the Data Center

Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) technologies are revolutionizing the way healthcare organizations store and access medical images—increasing the level of patient care through greater speed and convenience. In turn, these changes have created higher demand for compute performance, storage capacity, network bandwidth, and support requirements. Is your infrastructure capable of delivering the performance, efficiency, and compliance you need for critical medical imaging? Join us for a podcast that discusses how PACS imaging solutions are changing the way organizations think about the data center.
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PACS Imaging Solutions Are Driving Healthcare
Learn what new approaches and technologies optimize data center infrastructure to support PACS solutions.
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Deliver a Higher Level of Patient Care with Lenovo Workstations

Prepare for the demands of PACS workloads by deploying systems optimized for medical imaging. What makes Lenovo workstations ideal for healthcare applications?
  • Design—An intuitive internal design with tool-less access to the motherboard and power supplies makes component changes and maintenance a breeze.
  • Graphics—Powerful graphics with NVIDIA provide a superior experience when working on medical imaging, clinical research, and other visually intensive work.
  • Processing Power—Intel® Xeon® E5 Series processors provide enough cores and speed for image manipulation and annotation and faster time to results. This high-performance combination helps ensure accuracy and reliability of results to mitigate risks.
  • Visual—All Lenovo ThinkStations are DICOM-compliant and validated with Barco, EIZO, DOME by NDSsi, NEC, and Totoku. DICOMs will work with current and future imaging modalities.
Lenovo Diagnostics Solutions

Why Lenovo and Connection

As a leading Global Solutions Provider, we connect people with technology that enhances growth, elevates productivity, and empowers innovation. In partnership with Lenovo, our experts are here to assist with all of your IT needs. We understand healthcare challenges, and we’re ready to help you solve yours with the latest, most innovative solutions.
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