Linksys VPN Routers are your first line of defense against unauthorized access to your sensitive business network. Featuring Gigabit firewall, group VPN capabilities, site-to-site VPN backup, and various remote-access VPN Routers in a single box, Linksys VPN solutions deliver secure and reliable network service to your employees whether they're at the office or on the road.


Linksys VPN Routers

Deploy and manage your VPN connection with clients across a broad number of operating systems. OpenVPN support implements open standard software for improved Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) throughput performance for sharing large network data across numerous locations. The ability to manage your network remotely cuts out the need for extensive IT skills or the need for IT staff on-site.

What Linksys VPN Solutions Provide You and Your Business

EasyLink VPN Setup

Enable hassle-free setup with three simple steps for VPN configurations.

OpenVPN Server Support

Allow OpenVPN Mobile Apps running on employees’ smartphones and tablets to connect to the office network with any Android and iOS platforms.

Integrated Firewall

Support URL filtering and access rules that enable administrators to further regulate the traffic within the business network based on the services (i.e., TCP /UDP ports) and source/destination IP addresses.

802.1q VLAN Tagging

Secure and separate resources with assigned VLANs, while allowing specified traffic to traverse between VLANs.

IPv6 Transition

Support network protocol integration with Dual Stack IP v4 and IP v6 features, ensuring compatibility as service providers’ infrastructures upgrade.

Intuitive Web Administrative Interface

Easy to set up and easy to use, the intuitive admin interface allows small business owners to deploy and manage the routers without professional IT staff onsite.

Dual-WAN Load Balancing and WAN Failover

The Dual-WAN model (LRT 224) can aggregate the bandwidths of both WAN connections to achieve a higher Internet bandwidth than a single WAN connection can provide; WAN Failover guarantees Internet connectivity continues if one WAN Internet connection fails.

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