Linksys Wireless Access Points offer next-generation Wi-Fi solutions with extensive security features and embedded internal power amplifier antennas for greater wireless signal and coverage enhancements.

Faster Wireless Connectivity

Linksys Wireless Access Points offer solutions from 11N to 11AC with Single Band and Dual Band support using 2x2 or 3x3 MIMO technology and Internal High PA (power amplified) Antennas to deliver superior performance with the fastest speeds possible.*

Single Point Control: Cluster System Management

Linksys Pro Series Wireless-AC Dual Band Access Points deliver Cluster System Management, which helps to reduce the costs and complexity of managing multiple wireless access points simultaneously.1 This Cluster feature simplifies administration and management efforts with a Single Point of Control.†

Captive Portal

Linksys Pro Series Wireless-AC Dual Band Access Points implement a captive portal to support secure and customized guest Wi-Fi access.1 The captive portal is also used at many Wi-Fi hotspots to control wireless access in the area†

* Applies specifically to LAPAC1200, LAPAC1700, LAPAC1750PRO
† Applies specifically to LAPAC1750PRO


Wireless-N Access Point

Connect your wireless network with Linksys Wireless-N300 Single Band and Wireless-N600 Dual Band Access Points. They’re designed with innovative features, scalability, easy-deployment options, and high-speed Wireless-N. Business-grade security features are designed to defend your daily tasks with advanced encryption and security protocols, including 802.1X Supplicant, to secure your wired network.


Wireless-AC Access Point

Expand your wireless network with the Linksys Dual Band 1200AC and 1750AC Access Points featuring next-generation AC technology. With a better Wi-Fi signal than the previous 802.11n standard, they extend your router signal for a universal high standard across your network. Both include integrated PoE+, MAC -based AC L, Rogue AP Detection, and 802.1X Supplicant Authentication for a reliable and secure connection.


Pro Series Wireless-AC Access Point

If your business needs faster wireless speeds and a boost in performance, the Linksys Pro Series Access Point is the way to go. This access point features Single Point Control as a WLAN controllerless solution for easy deployment scenarios of up to 16 access points. In addition, you can create secure Wi-Fi hotspots or custom guest access using the Captive Portal feature.

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