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Hyperconvergence Your Way

Build a fast, efficient, and highly scalable enterprise data center, and eliminate typical hyperconvergence challenges. Maxta Hyperconvergence software lets you:
  • Choose software only or pre-configured servers
  • Select Red Hat or VMware virtualization
  • Optimize mixed applications on the same cluster
  • Scale storage and compute independently

“Un-Appliances” Your Way

Pre-Configured Servers

Use existing servers, buy pre-configured servers from the widest variety of server brands, or use a combination of both. In either case, there is no refresh tax because you own the software. And, there is no upgrade tax. Simply add capacity by adding or replacing drives, instead of adding another hyperconverged appliance.

Never Repay for Software Again

Oklahoma Wesleyan University Eliminates Appliance Refresh and Upgrade Taxes

Appliance-based hyperconverged solutions make you repurchase a software license when you refresh hardware and add storage capacity with additional appliances. Alternatively, you own your Maxta software forever and can add storage capacity by adding additional drives to servers. Learn how Maxta enabled Oklahoma Wesleyan University to immediately gain the simplified management of hyperconvergence, without paying refresh or upgrade taxes later.

Say Goodbye to Separate Clusters for Each Application

Optimized for Mixed Workloads
With Maxta, it’s easy to run mixed workloads on the same cluster—even a complex mix of virtual desktops, email servers, and databases. Maxta is an application-centric platform. It optimizes performance and availability on a per VM and vDisk basis, reducing costs by running mixed workloads on the same cluster, and increasing application performance by 25 percent. Other storage solutions only manage performance and availability resources at the storage or cluster level, forcing you to silo applications to avoid application performance degradation.

World-Class Maxta Support

One Call Resolution
Maxta provides end-to-end support for hyperconvergence, the hypervisor, and hardware. Hardware failure? Mysterious performance degradation? Maxta support is available 24x7 to help solve the issue, never passing you off to another vendor. No matter where the actual problem lies, Maxta support takes responsibility for making it right. Just like an appliance vendor, Maxta provides a single point of resolution—whether you buy a pre-configured appliance or deploy our software on your own hardware. That’s something the appliance vendors can’t offer.

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