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Guard Against Sophisticated Threats

Combat targeted attacks with applied integration, automation, and intelligence. McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection provides you with a connected, collaborative framework across multiple technologies. With McAfee, businesses can protect, detect, correct, and adapt to sophisticated threats.
Guard Against Sophisticated Threats

Take Endpoint Protection to the Next Level

McAfee Complete Endpoint Threat Protection provides advanced defenses that investigate and contain zero-day threats and sophisticated attacks.
Core Endpoint Protection
McAfee Complete Endpoint Threat Protection includes anti-malware, firewall, device control, and email and Web security.

Powered by Machine Learning
Integrated machine learning and dynamic application containment allow organizations to detect zero-day threats in near real time, and then classify and halt them before they can execute on systems.

Actionable Forensic Data
Easy-to-read reports help you make the move from responding to outbreaks to investigating and hardening your defenses.

An Adaptable Security Framework
McAfee Complete Endpoint Threat Protection is built using an extensible framework, so you can add other advanced threat defenses with ease as your security needs and the threat landscape evolve.

Thinking About Migrating to McAfee Endpoint Security?

McAfee Endpoint Threat Protection delivers essential, effective endpoint protection to guard against advanced threats. Watch and learn firsthand why customers use McAfee to protect, detect, and correct sophisticated threats.

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Connection is a Platinum Partner with solution certifications in Endpoint, Data, Infrastructure, and Operations. With over 30 years of partnership with McAfee solutions, Connection is the right choice for all your McAfee pre-sales, implementation, and licensing management needs.

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