Flexible Workstyle with Windows 8

Flexible Workstyle solutions for today’s diverse workstyles.

The culture of work is changing. Tech-savvy and always-connected, people want faster, more intuitive technology, uninterrupted services, and freedom to work anywhere, anytime, on a variety of devices. With different generations in the workforce, no two workstyles are alike. People have unique needs based on their roles and preferences.

It’s time to give them the freedom to get things done their way. In return, you’ll unleash passion and productivity like never before.  

How can we help?

Our products offer experiences that your people will love. Whether they are using PCs, phones, tablets, or all of the above, Microsoft technologies are flexible to match the unique needs and styles of individuals. Best of all, our enterprise-grade solutions are designed to help you maintain security, streamline management, and cut costs.

Our vision for Flexible Workstyle is to give people secure, anywhere connection to the information and people they need to stay productive. We want to drive greater effectiveness through personalized experiences that anticipate people’s needs, remember their preferences, and adapt to their workstyle. And we will help you deliver these experiences built on an intelligent infrastructure that’s smart, safe, cost-effective, and easy to manage.

Consistent Windows 8 experience on any PC.

Windows 8 enables additional ultra-mobile workstyle through a bootable USB that turns almost any PC into a secure Windows 8 corporate PC. With Windows To Go, IT obtains a new deployment model for corporate environment to user. IT can provide a managed corporate image on a bootable USB drive, and people can boot Windows 8 corporate image from any compatible PC*. People can get their applications, data and personalized Windows environment the same way as a standard PC.


Windows To Go benefits:

  • People can travel light without sacrificing productivity
  • Embrace “Bring Your Own PC” while minimizing infrastructure costs
  • Get contingent staff up and running faster without compromising security
  • Enable free seating even when people roam across mobile workstations
Connect from Anywhere


With DirectAccess you are Always connected to corporate networks - seamlessly and more securely and you can connect to the nearest server while traveling. It supports intuitive multi-factor authentication (TPM, simplified one-time password) and comes with Integrated DirectAccess Media Manager to assist you in keeping your connection status as always available.

DirectAccess in Windows 8 provides more secure internet connection through encryption and instantly links people to important documents. Lync allows you to chat with colleagues during the day and stay connected to family through a Windows Live account at night. DirectAccess does not require any changes to the existing network infrastructure, including IP addressing schemes.

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