Microsoft Windows 8.1 Devices

A New Era of Touch

There are a number of amazing devices to fit today's different needs. The challenge is to find the right device for your particular need. In today's market, employers expect workers to be more productive and sometimes work longer hours. Windows 8.1 devices have a faster boot time, longer battery life, and are thinner and lighter than previous Windows devices so you can get it all done.

Why Touch Now?

  1. Intuitive touch screen devices are quickly becoming the new standard.
  2. Touch screens are easier, faster, and more fun to work with on a PC.
  3. More and more apps are touch-optimized, such as the new Office.
  4. The price gap between touch and non-touch devices has significantly decreased.


  • Array of devices to match business needs
  • Touch, mouse and keyboard control
  • Modern and desktop apps
  • Consistent experience across devices
  • Built-in security and malware protection
  • Multi-user capabilities
  • Improved Windows Biometrics Framework/fingerprint login
  • Backup to OneDrive
  • Run full Microsoft Office
    (sold separately)
  • Access docs, contacts, and apps across devices
  • Communicate in real-time
    with Lync
  • Side-by-side multitasking

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