About Salamander

Salamander products are made in the USA. For more than 20 years, Salamander Designs® has been designing innovative, specialized furniture systems that are shaped by your needs. Salamander Designs believes that when furnishing a commercial space, intuitive, forward-thinking design details matter the most.

FPS Series Interactive Carts and Stands

Innovative furniture and mounting solutions seamlessly integrate with touchscreens to offer a new level of function, flexibility, and style to any collaborative workspace. These advanced solutions provide accessible, comfortable, and ergonomically correct touchscreen positioning to improve productivity and enhance the user experience.


Extend your interactive display stand to meet any work environment with specialized accessories to improve flexibility and lifetime value.

Made to Order

Salamander is heavily process-driven and strives for continuous improvement in everything they do. Quality control is a key focus and they measure their performance frequently. Salamander welcomes customer feedback and wants to know how they've met and exceeded customer expectations. Salamander believes change is good and you can never stop improving. Their facility is located in Connecticut and designed for materials and production to flow through an efficient process. Salamander manages with “Lean Manufacturing” principles and “pull manufacturing” techniques—enabling virtually no unfinished goods in stock. You ask for it, and they build it.

Salamander Commitment

At Salamander, business is fueled by the highest quality AV furniture on the market, and backed by superior service. Like their furniture, they want their relationship with customers to last a lifetime. That is their customer commitment.