Samsung Retail Solutions

Reinvent the Retail Experience

Transform first impressions into immersive experiences that help attract consumers. Featuring realistic, eye-catching picture quality, Samsung’s professional digital displays convince customers new and old to stop in, shop at, and buy from your retail environment. Designed to deliver your rich, dynamic visual merchandising content and promotional messaging in uncompromising style—day and night, rain or shine—Samsung displays offer a one-of-a-kind brand experience everyone will love.
Samsung Displays for Retail
Samsung OMN

OMN and OMN-D Series

Samsung OMN and OMN-D series are designed to do one thing: engage customers. Exceptionally bright and colorful, sidewalk traffic can’t pass by without noticing your messages.

The OMN single-sided display features 4000-nit contrast for impact on even the brightest of days. Its sleek, slim design will look beautiful hanging in your windows.

The OMN-D series features a double-sided screen, allowing it to do the work of two displays while saving space and installation costs. The window-facing side’s 3000-nit contrast helps maintain picture integrity—regardless of sunlight—while the in-store side features 1000 nits to deliver information clearly.

Samsung QMR

QMR Series UHD Commercial Displays 

Experience exceptional ultra HD picture quality with Samsung QMR Dynamic Crystal Color commercial displays. The QMR series provides up to a billion colors, so consumers see more of the picture, while true Ultra HD 4K color, 500-nit brightness, and a non-glare panel mean messages will be more colorful and detailed than ever before.

Additionally, UHD Intelligent Upscaling enhances standard and HD content to the best possible picture quality. With a minimalist slim design, and a clean cable management solution, the QMR series is easy to install into any type of environment. And the QMR series’ SMART Signage Platform 6.0 features an embedded media player, for easy content management and playback without an external set-back box or PC.

Enhancing the In-Store Retail Experience with Digital Signage

Watch this video to learn how Samsung SMART Attraction, SMART Promotion, and SMART Information systems and SMART Management technology allow you to get the most out of your displays, while simultaneously attracting customers.

Never Let Customers Pass You By

Samsung’s window displays, in-store signage, and digital menu boards help turn heads, increase traffic, and drive sales. Are you ready to visually enhance the experience at your locations? Fill out the form below to be put in touch with one of Connection’s retail-certified Account Managers.