Samsung Pro TV

Stunning 4K TV with Customizable Possibilities

Samsung Pro TV provides peace of mind and countless opportunities with proven quality, a 3-year warranty, and a pre-installed YouTube app. From the big game to prime-time news, broadcasted by cable or an external media player, you’re in total control. Plus, extended 16/7 operating time means this high-performance TV won’t let your business down.
Samsung Pro TV
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Simply Captivating

Samsung Pro TV offers high-end, crystal clear UHD display and 4K processing for brilliant content. Display sizes ranging from 43" to 75", at a variety of price points, elevate the in-store experience.

Do More with Your Pro TV

Intuitive, mobile-friendly Samsung Business TV apps—for both Android and iOS, built-in TV tuners, multiple input ports, and extended 16/7 operating times—provide you with the highest level of content and display flexibility.

Customize Your Content and Go

Control your content any way you want! A DIY content management system with more than 100 templates, sorted by industry and content type, and a slideshow function that lets you automate multiple messages helps you seamlessly customize your content the way you like. The Pro TV also has the YouTube app pre-installed.
Features and Benefits
Powerful Crystal UHD Picture Quality
  • 4X more powerful than full HD
  • Brilliant, no matter the source
  • Highly detailed in detail in a wide spectrum of colors
Do More with Your Pro TV
  • Play what you want, when you want it
  • Broadcast by cable or external media player
  • Create dynamic content using an easy guide
Not a Content Expert? No Problem.
  • Seamlessly update the latest information
  • Showcase custom content, your way
  • 100+ templates

Samsung Pro TV Use Cases

Need a better way to engage with patients? Use signage to share information on office hours, available procedures, and other important medical information and news. Practices need a solution that can more effectively and visually communicate with patients in the waiting area and in exam rooms.

Samsung Pro TV series meet your healthcare facility’s needs, no matter the size, with stunning, customizable 4K TVs that are easy to install and display custom content.
Retail stores are challenged to reinvent inventory and in-store customer experiences, with a more specialized focus on products and services. Retail stores are dramatically transforming to increase visits and re-ignite sales. They are looking for new ways to inform customers of new products and services and create meaningful in-store experiences that lead to greater sales.

Samsung offers a stunning 4K TV with customizable content to create lasting in-store experiences. Samsung’s Pro TV series is easy to setup and provides endless capabilities to display custom content to inform customers, up-sell new products and services, and create brand affinity.
To compete with the myriad of dining options and well-known restaurant chains today, smaller restaurateurs must differentiate themselves with a dynamic dining experience. Use sleek and brilliant digital displays to share the latest menu options or feature the daily happy hour specials, while still allowing customers to watch the big game.

Samsung Pro TV Series offers a sleek, high-performance and brilliant display that captivates customers’ attention. Samsung Pro TV enables business owners to stream content while continuing to promote your business.