Symantec CloudSOC

The Leading Cloud Security for Cloud Applications

Symantec’s CloudSOC platform enables businesses to confidently leverage cloud applications and services while staying safe, secure, and compliant. CloudSOC provides full visibility and control over user activity in the cloud, allowing you to:
  • Detect and mitigate risky user activity
  • Protect against the risk of threat exposure
  • Investigate cloud incidents
Symantec CloudSOC - The Leading Cloud Security for Cloud Applications
Know Your Cloud Risk
The Symantec CloudSOC Shadow Data Report covers key trends and challenges organizations face when trying to ensure sensitive data remains secure in the cloud.
Protect Your Workloads in Azure
What are the risks if a malicious insider uses your Azure account? Do you have the visibility and control to make sure this doesn’t happen? Discover how Symantec CloudSOC can keep your Azure accounts secure.
Safeguard Office 365 Data
Keep your Office 365 accounts safe and compliant. With Symantec CloudSOC CASB for Office 365, gain visibility and control over how your accounts—and the data within them—are accessed, used, and shared by your employees, contractors, vendors, and clients.

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