Increase performance and efficiency with hybrid and all-flash in one storage system. Tegile Intelligent Flash Arrays enable you to dial up or down the amount of flash storage to meet the specific performance needs of your applications. Get the high performance of flash with the economics of disk storage—and accelerate your organization with unmatched storage capacity reduction.

Tegile flash storage arrays, with patented IntelliFlash™ architecture, deliver high I/O and low latency for demanding applications, such as databases, server virtualization, and virtual desktops. 

The Most Comprehensive Storage Guarantee

Most enterprise storage purchases include consideration of five key principles. 
Tegile has put a guarantee behind all of these, giving you the confidence you’ve made the best storage purchase possible.

  • 5x faster performance compared to traditional storage
  • 5 years of fresh flash with free controller upgrades
  • 5:1 data reduction in well-virtualized environments
  • 5$ per gigabyte of high-endurance eMLC flash
  • 5 nines availability—that’s 99.999% uptime

Intellistack™ Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Adding IT infrastructure components piecemeal is time consuming, expensive, and introduces complexity and risk. Tegile IntelliStack™ Converged Infrastructure Solutions can help you simplify deployment, eliminate risk, and give you lightning-fast performance without forcing you to compromise on features.

  • Get compute, fabric, storage, and virtualization all in one solution
  • Simplify your deployment and eliminate risk with pre-integrated, pre-configured, pre-tested components
  • Reduce your storage footprint by up to 90% with inline compression and deduplication
  • Host VMs and virtual desktops, business-critical applications, and user data all from a single solution
  • Available in both all-flash and hybrid configurations, giving you unprecedented flexibility

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