360 Data Management

The Truth Is, You Need Veritas

Veritas Technologies empowers businesses of all sizes to discover the truth in information. Using the Veritas platform, you can accelerate your digital transformation and solve pressing IT and business challenges, including multi-cloud data management, data protection, storage optimization, compliance readiness, and workload portability—with no cloud vendor lock-in. Eighty-six percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on Veritas today to reveal data insights that drive competitive advantage.
The Truth is, You Need Veritas.

Unified IT Analytics for Hybrid and Multi Clouds

APTARE IT Analytics is the only solution delivering unified backup and storage insights for heterogeneous IT environments across on-premises and cloud services. With APTARE IT Analytics, you gain actionable insights for healthcare data, wherever it resides.
Veritas Aptare


Overcome Your Data Challenges

Today’s modern, hybrid-IT data center has unique challenges that only a 360°, holistic data management approach can address. A Veritas 360° data management strategy alleviates the pain associated with data sprawl across complex heterogeneous modern workloads. Take a 360° data management approach and avoid the risk of downtime.

Mitigating Risk and Compliance

By the end of 2018, over 50% affected by the GDPR were not in full compliance with its requirement. There's no time to spare. Comply with GDPR and APRA, ensure service uptime, and avoid penalty.
Mitigating Risk and Compliance


Cloud Migration and Adoption

Veritas CloudPoint 2.0 adds enhanced data protection to Google Cloud’s native snapshot capabilities, providing joint customers with increased simplicity, improved search capabilities, and enhanced protection of new workloads and applications in multi-cloud environments. Learn how to use the Veritas CloudPoint dashboard and other key functions.

Optimize Secondary Storage with Veritas Access

Veritas Access is a software-defined scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) solution for unstructured data. It works on commodity hardware and takes advantage of placing data on-premises or in the cloud, based on intelligent policies. Access provides resiliency, multi-protocol access, and movement of data to and from multiple cloud platforms, resulting in significant cost savings.
Optimize Secondary Storage with Veritas Access

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