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SIP is what experts in the VoIP industry call "the dial tone of the 21st Century". If you think that current VoIP phones and technology is all what it takes to safe money on monthly telephone bills, think again. Levelone has released the VOI-7000 in the wake of the more increased usage of SIP technology worldwide that is giving mobility an entirely new meaning. The VOI-7000 has all the features of a normal VoIP phone but with more functionality where different media can now be transferred in one session at the same time.

Although telephony has gone digital, the phone instrument looks the same with the same functionality of traditional phones. The VOI-7000 from LevelOne is a feature-rich yet cost competitive with high quality voice, speakerphone and an LCD screen that displays caller ID, number dialed, speed dial entries. The screen also is useful when setting up your SIP Account as well as connecting to the Internet. The keypad also doubles as an input device to set up your SIP account and to connect to the Internet. Alternatively configuration can be done from a web browser like Internet Explorer. The numeric pad is tone activated so you can use it with telephone services that incorporates interactive telephony systems. Other traditional phone functions incorporated are volume adjustment, 10 button speed dial, phone book setup and programming, redial, call hold, call wait and forwarding.

The VOI-7000 from LevelOne is installed to an IP network by plugging the network Cat.5 cable directly from your ADSL router or switch to the RJ-45 Ethernet plug on the phone and another Cat.5 extension cable to your computer or notebook. Instant connectivity is realized when connected to the Internet and if you are signed up with a VoIP or SIP service provider. Since voice data is digitalizing, a set of important codecs is needed.

The VOI-7000 incorporates several important and widely used codecs to assure compatibility with all SIP and VoIP service providers. Also this SIP phone allows for 3 different SIP accounts (IP telephone numbers) to be used from a single phone. The QoS (Quality of Service) function of the LevelOne VOI-7000 SIP VoIP IP Phone ensures that voice data transferred is assigned a higher priority over other data packets. This ensures that clear communication is possible at all times regardless of the LAN load. As VoIP is more entering daily use, security is needed to counter any attempts to enter the LAN from outside the network. The VOI-7000 further incorporates an HTTP1.1 basic authentication for web setup and MD5 for SIP authentication.