Adobe Transactional Licensing Program 5

Adobe Transactional Licensing Program 5

The quick and easy way to save on volume purchases and manage your Adobe software licenses with one simple transaction

Adobe’s Transactional Licensing Program (TLP) version 5, one of the Adobe Volume Licensing (AVL) programs, makes it easy to get volume pricing with no membership requirements and no agreements to sign. TLP 5 offers targeted programs for education and government organizations with features tailored specifically for those markets.

Save money
Why buy retail software when you can qualify to get the same products at a lower price and with additional benefits? For every eligible TLP 5 order of new or upgrade Adobe software licenses, or of Upgrade Plan, you receive points. Your discount level is based on the total point value of each volume license order placed. The more licenses you acquire in a single transaction, the more opportunity you have to save on the entire order. It’s that simple.

TLP 5 is ideal for:
• Small to midsize businesses
• Creative agencies
• Educational institutions
• Government agencies

Gain control of your software licenses
Keeping track of individual retail purchases and subsequent software usage across your entire organization can be resource-intensive. By acquiring Adobe software licenses through TLP 5, you will have a permanent record of the licenses your organization has ordered. TLP 5 provides access to Adobe’s Licensing Web Site (LWS), the easy-to-use, password-protected portal that enables you to track and manage your Adobe software licenses online in one central location. With Adobe’s LWS, you can run reports, track order history, access serial numbers, and download available software. You can also grant others within your organization access to Adobe’s LWS with their own unique login based on their e-mail address.

Easily deploy software
In addition, TLP 5 orders provide a single serial number per product (per platform) across your entire organization, so IT staff can build a standard image for installation on each machine to get users up and running quickly. By ordering your software through TLP 5 and using Adobe’s LWS to manage your licenses, you can eliminate the countless hours it often takes to monitor deployed retail software while ensuring your organization is in compliance with its Adobe software licenses.

Access helpful licensing resources
AVL customers can also take advantage of community resources, such as white papers and eSeminars, that are available through a dedicated website. With topics customized for licensing and purchasing professionals, these resources provide tips, techniques, and best practices that reflect today’s global way of doing business.

Key benefits of TLP 5:
• Attractive volume pricing
• No minimum order size
• No membership required
• One simple and flexible purchase transaction
• Automatically applied savings
• Qualification for higher discount levels with larger orders
• Enhanced discount level with Upgrade Plan coverage
• Quick and easy order placement and fulfillment for streamlined deployment
• Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) provided at no additional charge
• All serial numbers, quantity of units ordered, platforms, and product licenses are published on the same license certificate

TLP Discount Level Changes



* TLP Government levels will remain the same as 4.5 with one discount level beginning at 1 point and above.