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Work Smart and Stay Safe with Chrome Enterprise

Security is a moving target. Companies must defend against phishing and malware attacks—but there are internal security threats too. Employees are using multiple devices and third-party cloud-based apps for work, increasing the risk of breaches and unauthorized access.
Chrome Enterprise protects businesses and their data at every cloud entry point, providing proactive protections, granular policy controls, and continuous vulnerability management to handle evolving threats.
Work smart and stay safe with Chrome Enterprise

Empower Your Workforce to Be Productive from Anywhere

Chrome Enterprise is a modern, secure solution that provides the OS and devices that remote workers need to be effective and productive. Whether you’re supporting workers that are cloud-ready or a workforce that needs access to legacy applications through virtualized desktops or applications, employees can stay productive with Chrome Enterprise while IT can increase security, manage devices remotely, and lower the total cost of ownership.
Empower Remote Workers

Total Cost of Ownership

Lower costs, simplify operations, reduce security risks, and decrease downtime with Chromebooks and Chrome Enterprise Upgrade. How much can your organization save?
Total Cost of Ownership

Chrome OS Explained

Chrome OS is a cloud-native operating system that’s fast, secure by design, simple for IT to manage, and easy for employees to use.

Chrome Browser: What’s New for Enterprise?

Chrome Browser provides a trusted, consistent browsing experience across devices, with built-in protections, centralized management, and enterprise-wide control for IT admins.

Chromebooks for Your Enterprise

Choose from a wide variety of Chromebooks, including touch and convertible. Each device is built to empower all of your Cloud Workers, from the office to the field.
Chromebooks for Your Enterprise

Enable More Control for $50 per Device

Unlock powerful management capabilities and 24/7 support from Google with the Chrome Enterprise license. Configure over 200 policies, integrate with leading identity and mobility management solutions, curate applications for user groups, and more.
Enable More Control for $50 per Device

Device Security

Learn how the Chrome OS protects your employees and data from security breaches.

Enterprise Security

Learn how the Chrome browser protects your users from malware and phishing attacks.

Flexible and Easy Controls

Learn how the Chrome Enterprise license simplifies your IT management with granular controls.

Most of Your Life Is Kept in the Cloud—Why Not Your Business?

83% of Enterprise Workloads Will Be in the Cloud by 2020*

Today’s workforce depends on cloud technology to stay connected. Tomorrow’s professionals will use it to stay productive. They’ll get more done, even on the “something came up and I have to work from home” days. Chrome Enterprise seamlessly integrates with G Suite to migrate your data to one secure place that’s accessible from anywhere, across all devices. Read all about it.
* LogicMonitor® Cloud Vision 2020: The Future of the Cloud Study
Most of Your Life Is Kept In the Cloud—Why Not Your Business?