Adobe Cumulative Licensing Program 5

Adobe Cumulative Licensing Program 5 (CLP 5)
Maintain control of your Adobe software licenses and enjoy significant savings on purchases over a two-year membership period

With Adobe’s Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) version 5, one of the Adobe Volume Licensing (AVL) programs, your organization can earn significant savings on volume software licenses over a two-year membership period. Not only do your software orders provide cumulative savings, but CLP 5 also helps your organization streamline software management with centralized tools to track your Adobe software volume licenses.

Save money
Among the AVL programs, CLP 5 offers the most significant savings. Not only do you receive substantial savings over retail with your initial order, but all qualified orders of any size throughout the two-year membership term earn the same—or a better—discount level. Orders accumulate points, and as your cumulative point total increases, so does your potential savings. With CLP 5, your organization can also extend membership benefits to its affiliates. Member and affiliate purchases contribute toward the overall discount level, offering maximum savings.

CLP 5 is ideal for:

• Midsize and large enterprises
• Creative agencies
• Educational institutions
• Government agencies

Key benefits of CLP 5:
Membership flexibility
• Enroll in or renew your membership online for maximum convenience.
• Place orders of any size (after your initial qualifying order) quickly and easily at any time during your two-year membership period.
• Order from any Adobe Authorized License Center (ALC) you choose.

Budgeting benefits
• Achieve budget predictability through two-year CLP 5 membership and Upgrade Plan.
• Secure your level of savings for your two-year membership period by placing a minimum order size.
• Lock in your level of savings for the subsequent membership period by placing a minimum order when you renew—or if total orders throughout the two-year membership period meet the point level minimum for any discount level, there is no minimum purchase required.
• Increase your savings as you accumulate points because all orders throughout the two-year membership add to your overall point total. If you place an order during your membership that pushes your point total to the next discount level, your organization will qualify for a larger discount on future purchases.
• Keep track of installations throughout the month and save money and resources by issuing only one PO.

Easy and efficient software deployment and management
• Install additional licenses as you need them throughout the month and then simply include them on one monthly PO.
• Keep track of and deploy licensed software easily—all licenses for the same product have one serial number.
• Simplify software license management with Upgrade Plan, which runs concurrently with your CLP 5 membership period. You enroll in and renew both programs at the same time, eliminating the need to track separate expiration dates.

CLP 5 member and affiliate structure benefits
• Include qualifying divisions worldwide as affiliates under your membership so you can combine accumulated points toward your overall earned discount level.
• Enable affiliates to be Member-listed or Self-enrolled. Member-listed purchases are based on your agreement and use the same serial numbers. The Self-enrolled option enables affiliates to set up their own affiliate-level agreement and get their own serial numbers, use their own resellers, and select their own Upgrade Plan payment terms. Regardless of which option you choose, all purchases contribute to your organization’s overall point total and discount level.
• Give affiliates the flexibility to purchase licenses and support locally while taking advantage of the combined purchasing power of the worldwide organization.

CLP Discount Level Changes