VMware Licensing

The Connection Advantage

Connection is a Premier Corporate Reseller and a VMware Authorized Consultant with more than 200 VMware Training Certifications and 450 certified VMware Sales Professionals. We can provide the highest level of support and value to you through all of VMware’s licensing vehicles. We offer onsite and virtual assessments such as capacity planning to help you determine your virtualization needs.

Why VMware?

Since virtualization is a critical component of an overall IT strategy, it is important to choose the right vendor. VMware is the leading virtualization provider, offering the most trusted and reliable platform for building internal cloud infrastructures and federating to external clouds.

From working with analysts, customers, and partners, we’ve learned that you likely need a solution that meets ALL of the following requirements:

  1. Is built on a robust, proven foundation
  2. Delivers a platform for shared IT services
  3. Provides a complete solution for virtualization and cloud management
  4. Supports your entire IT infrastructure
  5. Is proven across tens of thousands of customer deployments.

Only VMware delivers on all of these important requirements while providing low total-cost-of-ownership (TCO).

VMware Licensing Programs

VMware Purchasing Programs are a flexible and cost effective way to purchase VMware products.

VMware Volume Purchasing Program (VPP)

The Volume Purchasing Program (VPP), for customers who make an initial purchase of $25K or more, rewards more frequent, smaller, transactional buys.

VMware Enterprise Purchasing Program (EPP)

The Enterprise Purchasing Program (EPP), designed for deals starting at $250K and above, provides incentives for larger, strategically planned purchases. 

VMware Enterprise License Agreement (ELA)

The VMware Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) enables authorized partners to offer VMware products at “preferred pricing” to customers who are committing to large purchases.

VMware Transactional Purchasing Program (TPP)

The Transactional Purchasing Program (TPP) provides tier-based discounts to U.S. Federal Government customers. TPP only applies to purchases made from the U.S. Federal pricelist through VMware’s authorized Government Dealer.

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How to Get Started

Our Software Licensing Specialists can help you compare licensing agreements and make the best choices for your organization. Call us today to arrange a consultation.  

  • Corporate customers – Call 1-800-800-0014
  • Government and Academic customers – Call 1-800-800-0019
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