Advanced Manufacturing with Autodesk

One Source. Multiple Tools. Infinite Possibilities.

Relying on multiple software suites makes your shop less flexible. Inconsistent interfaces, procedures, and data make it harder to operate efficiently, track workflow, and control costs. Standardization helps address your most urgent needs as manufacturers transition to agile operations that can adapt to industry and market changes more easily. Let Autodesk help you connect your design and manufacturing workflows, automate your processes, and network with your entire supply chain.
Address the Skills Gap
Capture and share best practices across your manufacturing teams

Improve Process Efficiency
Replace standalone processes that result in fragmented workflows

Maximize Automation
Use fully integrated systems to eliminate redundancy

Achieve Simplification
Streamline training, support, and management

Autodesk tools support CAM for high-speed and 5-axis machining, 3D CAD/CAM/CAE, additive manufacturing, CAM automation, plastic mold simulation, and inspection.
Autodesk for Manufacturing

Autodesk Fusion 360 in Manufacturing

Integrated. Collaborative. Accessible.

Fusion 360 provides a cohesive experience across design, engineering, and manufacturing with your data at the center—on any device, anytime, anywhere. With Fusion 360, you can simplify your entire workflow with one platform, collaborate seamlessly in the cloud, and use its generative design to realize previously impossible outcomes. Begin your journey to advanced manufacturing, master product creation workflows, and increase collaboration and communication across your team.
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Autodesk Powermill

Expert High-speed and Multi-axis CAM

Powermill provides the ability you need for programming molds, dies, and highly complex components requiring maximum quality, control, and efficiency of your CNC machines. Access a vast library of toolpath strategies and combine with advanced optimization tools to generate the NC code needed to produce exceptional quality parts. Use powerful simulation tools to validate and enhance the motion of 5-axis machines and industrial robots.
  • Rapidly create high efficiency toolpaths for large, complex parts
  • Extensive toolpath editing and optimization
  • Automatic 5-axis collision avoidance for demanding applications

Autodesk Moldflow

Plastic injection and compression mold simulation

Autodesk Moldflow provides tools based on a comprehensive materials database to help CAE analysts, engineers, and designers evaluate different designs, mold configurations, and injection molding processes. It reduces the need for costly physical prototypes to plan ahead for manufacturing.
  • Decrease delays and gain insights with plastics part simulation
  • Optimize part, mold, and manufacturing processes in one interface
  • Simulate with flexible meshing and solving options
  • Reduce potential manufacturing defects and get innovative products to market faster