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Elevate Your Brand, Your Customer Experience, Your Business

Today’s retailers recognize the need for an effective omni-channel strategy. For your brick-and-mortar stores, that means technology solutions designed to grow top-line revenue—solutions that extend marketing initiatives to the consumer smartphone, integrate with e-commerce, provide greater mobility and data visibility, and improve the customer experience. Only Honeywell offers a complete portfolio of integrated retail workflow solutions to deliver what your organization needs: Results. Is your business ready to rise?
Elevate Your Brand. Your Customer Experience. Your Business.

The Omni-Channel World Is Stressing Operations

Operational intelligence doesn't happen in the cloud; it happens on the ground, in your business, every minute of every day. Not only do you want to get there, you want to get there smartly. Honeywell delivers the solutions that get you to your goals. In a connected world, their ergonomic, high-performance devices work together seamlessly. From the receiving dock to the point of sale, your team is engaged and productive. Merchandise flows smoothly. And your customers get the best service you have to offer.
The Omni-Channel World is Stressing Operations

Solutions for Enhanced POS Throughput

In the past, a customer may have been willing to wait five minutes at checkout. Today, he or she is likely to tolerate less than two minutes. As a result, speed and accuracy for retail scanning are critically important to the customer experience—and your bottom line. Honeywell understands this challenge. That’s why they’ve developed a wide range of high-performance products—solutions that are helping many of the world’s leading retailers minimize shoppers’ checkout time, automate loyalty program enrollment and age verification, and unlock the full potential of omni-channel mobile marketing.
Solutions for Enhanced POS Throughput

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