HP Device as a Service (DaaS)

Anyone Can Do Anything for 30 Days

Device as a Service (DaaS) is a way to equip employees with the right technology and productivity tools they need, while offering analytics and support that lower your overall costs. Imagine shifting IT from a cost center to a profit center. Take our 30-day challenge, and we'll show you how.
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HP Device as a Service (DaaS)
Improve Employee Productivity
61% improvement in end-user productivity, following implementation of desktop deployment and management services
Decrease IT Workload
47% of IT professionals spend more than 4 hours a day addressing alerts, for example malware detection, phishing attempts, or failed logins
Strengthen Security
64% experienced one or more successful endpoint attack over 12 months
Optimize IT Spend
Organizations that adopted 'as a service' models spent less: 67% lower costs for software and 59% lower costs for services
Results based on 1,000 devices with an average of 7 software applications per device refresh on average every 5 years with on average 1 helpdesk ticket per employee per month using devices averaged at $800 among all end users. Average salaries of end users and IT helpdesk support based on overall industry reporting. See HP DaaS Value Calculator Report for more information.
Complete Solutions for Your Remote Workforce

Complete Solutions for Your Remote Workforce

With COVID-19 transforming the way organizations around the world connect and collaborate, it’s time to expand your technology capabilities. In order to stay productive and secure, your users need the right devices—and your IT team needs the right tools and services to securely manage the entire device lifecycle. HP is here to help everyone in your organization adjust to your new normal. No matter your industry, number of users, or specialized needs, HP solutions can support everyone who’s working, teaching, or learning remotely.

Engage Autopilot Today

Do you know how many hands touch a device before it reaches your end user? Now more than ever people are concerned about who and what they interact with. A zero-touch deployment strategy provides an out-of-the-box experience to give your employees peace of mind, while reducing your own workload.
Connection offers Windows Autopilot white glove services. We can assist you with every step and easily set up zero-touch deployment for your organization.
White Glove Service

TechSperience Podcast

SaaS and UCaaS and DaaS—Oh My! The Wizard of Device as a Service

A yellow brick road of subscription services is leading IT decision makers down a path of more strategic device management, but were they even asking for it—and do they even know what it is? Join Penny Conway, Connection’s Product Manager for Device as a Service for HP, and Sarah Bates, HP Partner Business Manager for Business Solutions, as they discuss as a service drivers for adoption and how simple or complex Device as a Service could be based on your own needs.
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Up for the Challenge?

Our DaaS team will work with you to deploy a 30-day challenge on a minimum of 100 devices to realize your personal value of implementing Device as a Service across your organization.

Get Prepared for the Challenge

If your technology timeline won’t support a 30-day switch just yet, we can still help you learn more about your devices. With any eligible purchase of an HP CarePack service you’ll receive a one-year license for Standard Proactive Management with TechPulse Analytics for absolutely free. This will allow you to monitor your device health and utilization, as well as receive important security insights for devices enrolled.*
*Customer eligibility restrictions do apply.
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Get Prepared for the Challenge

Smart, Simplified Computing Solutions for Today’s World to Take the DaaS Challenge—And Win

Boost employee productivity and IT efficiency with world-class computing solutions from HP DaaS. Get everything you need, and nothing you don’t, from hardware and accessories to lifecycle services and support, with one contract and a fixed price per device.

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Connected Blog

It’s Device as a Service, not Desktop as a Service (And Other Confusing Things about DaaS)

With seemingly everything being sold “as a service” today, it’s time to look into one of the more confusing offerings. Device as a Service (DaaS) often gets confused with Desktop as a Service (also DaaS), but it’s actually quite different. Get the lowdown from our expert on what Device as a Service actually offers and how it can bring clarity and peace of mind to your organization’s computing investment.
It’s Device as a Service, not Desktop as a Service (And Other Confusing Things about DaaS)