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Different Is Better

Lenovo ThinkSystem servers are designed to deliver the capabilities to exceed today’s needs, while preparing you for the next wave of innovation: Cloud, Software-Defined Environments, Artificial Intelligence, and Analytics and Decision Support. What do these diverse workloads have in common? They all require systems purpose-built to deliver performance, security, and agility in an open environment that won’t limit your options down the road.
Lenovo ThinkSystem

Expand Your Infrastructure, Not Your Budget

Lenovo TruScale is a unique data center offering that lets you pay only for what you use. Instead of purchasing hardware upfront, you get the servers, storage, and networking hardware you need and pay only as you use them.

Lenovo TruScale is:


Choose the solutions best suited for your requirements from Lenovo’s complete product portfolio. You can easily adjust capacity or add new hardware as your business needs grow, thanks to our team of experts who will design the solution to meet your organization’s unique needs. Custom scopes and training are no problem, and Lenovo can even offer data and workload migration services, too.


Pay only for what you’re using, not what you own. Lenovo’s proprietary power and usage monitoring ensures you’re getting the most from your budget, and keeps you ahead of any capacity changes down the road. You’ll also get the convenience of a monthly fee instead of the burden of huge upfront capital expense, with no minimum commitment from 0% to 100%.


Lenovo and Connection handle full deployment of your new system, with Lenovo offering continuous 24x7 remote monitoring and proactive data center management by highly skilled and experienced Lenovo services professionals using state-of-the-art tools, systems, and practices. This helps ensure maximum up-time, ROI, and achievement of your business goals, and frees your internal staff to focus on more relevant business needs. A dedicated Lenovo Customer Success Manager also serves as your long-term success partner and handles your issues exclusively.
Lenovo TruScale

Simplify Your IT. Increase Your Agility.

As someone leading the digital transformation for your company, you know the benefits of hyperconvergence, and also the barriers—like high cost and complexity—that may be holding you back. Now Lenovo offers the industry-first rack-scale solution for Nutanix software, making it faster and easier to improve your IT agility. You’ll see 80% faster deployment and reduced administrative time with automatic network provisioning with ThinkAgile HX. Together, Lenovo and Nutanix co-designed industry-first solutions to make it easier to manage your next-gen infrastructure, while minimizing costs.
Simplify Your IT. Increase Your Agility.

Leave Legacy Thinking Behind

Through carefully selected partnerships and an open approach to solution integration, Lenovo has resisted the legacy thinking of its competitors. Instead, they’ve innovated past them to provide a truly consultative approach. They’ve given customers the choice to transform their data centers with scalability, flexibility, and cost effectiveness without being confined—all while remaining #1 in the market for reliability.

Working Towards a Smarter Future

In this video, Lenovo's distinguished senior development manager Dr. Bhushan Desam discusses Artificial Intelligence and how Lenovo is addressing the AI future with its new ThinkSystem product line.

Why Lenovo?

Lenovo leads with clear differentiation in areas that matter:
Why Lenovo?

The Embodiment of Purpose-Driven Innovation

The culmination of enterprise in data center technologies. ThinkSystem includes server, storage, and networking platforms with simplified management.
Data center networking that seamlessly integrates software-defined environments.
Optimized for performance, reliability, and flexibility for future-defined data centers.
Revolutionize storage economics with 12G performance, 99.999% uptime, and configuration flexibility.

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