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Digital Transformation (DX) is not on the horizon. It’s here. It’s happening now. And it’s already making an impact on a growing range of industries. Organizations that want to stay in business can no longer afford to pretend DX is a trend. They need to make it a top priority.
Lenovo Digital Transformation (DX)

What Is the Workspace of the Future?

It’s a seat in the airport. It’s where you eat lunch. It’s on the road, inside a building, or standing in an open field. It’s anywhere and everywhere anyone could possibly work. But it’s nowhere without the right device. Lenovo Digital Transformation (DX) is all about pairing your employees with what they need to perform their job flawlessly. Don’t waste your budget on underpowered or overpowered technology. Hit the mark and help everyone succeed. Watch this video on Lenovo DX and learn how the workspace of tomorrow is closer than you think.

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Workforce Mobility: Devices Are Decisive

Today’s workforce is on the move. And as an organization embracing the digital wave, you need to ramp up your mobility game to ensure that your workforce is productive. But enabling mobility can become a nightmare for your IT team. They need to ensure flexibility and interconnectivity for the mobile workforce, while keeping your data and devices secure.
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Workforce Mobility: Devices Are Decisive

How to Choose the Right End-User Computing Device for the Job

Mobile devices should be suited to the work performed. Are your employees in the office, on the road, in satellite locations, or all of the above? What kind of work do they do? Does everyone in your organization need to be empowered to engage with customers? Here are some guidelines to ensure your staff is both happy and productive.
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How to Choose the Right End-User Computing Device for the Job

Learn More About The Importance of Workforce Mobility

Digital Transformation

While end-user computing devices account for only a fraction of DX investments, underestimating their importance can risk your entire DX initiative. Don’t let 10% of your budget determine the success or failure of your digital transformation strategy.
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Lenovo Digital Transformation

Better Secure Than Sorry

One laptop is stolen every minute. But that shouldn’t deter you from enabling workforce mobility. Reduce potential risks with robust protection. Discover how Lenovo’s 360º approach to security keeps your business—and its data—safe.
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Better Secure Than Sorry

The Journey Is as Important as the Destination

It’s not a laptop, it’s a ThinkPad. Tablet. Laptop. Canvas. Desktop. You decide what works best for you to get your job done right.
Premium Traditional ThinkPads
Business-ready out of the box. With premium traditional ThinkPads, you get streamlined productivity and durability—to go.
Premium 2-in-1 Devices
With a wide selection of convertible laptops, tablets, and Ultrabook convertibles, experience the best of both worlds using a single device with multiple possibilities.
ThinkPad Mobile Workstations
Fusing the portability of ThinkPad with the power of a workstation, the ThinkPad P Series have lightning-fast processing, and more cutting-edge technology to handle your compute-intensive needs.

Transform Your Business with the Right Technology

The right device makes all the difference. With so many options out there, it can be confusing. But the right device for the right job can have a huge impact of productivity and satisfaction.

Lexmark: An Essential Business Partner Now and in the Future

Lexmark is regularly recognized as a global technology leader, not only for printers and multi-function devices, but also for the imaging solutions that allow customers to manage the business challenges associated with their unstructured data (digital, hardcopy, images, etc.). Through a commitment to quality and technological innovation, Lexmark will continue to be an essential business partner now and into the future.

Lenovo and Lexmark are better together. Learn how these two technology leaders can help with your workspace of the future.

Plantronics: Protect Your Focus Time

Today, work happens everywhere—in busy open-plan offices and contact centers, at home, even coffee shops. This flexibility is great, but creates increased noise and distraction. Did you know that it takes 23 minutes to recover from distraction and that 58% of employees are distracted multiple times each day?* Together with Plantronics, we can help you reduce the impact of noise on productivity, customer experience, and your business.


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