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LG Electronics offers engaging commercial LED TVs across a wide variety of industries. As the leading provider of display TV solutions, LG prides itself on its state-of-the-art technology designed to maximize your business potential. Explore all of the captivating, effective solutions LG has to offer.

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Commercial Displays
LG Commercial Display Solutions include diverse options. Find IPS and OLED displays, touchscreens, and stretch screens—everything you need to put the best of your organization on display.
Commercial TVs
Engage customers with commercial LED TVs that boast a wide range of industry-specific features. With the latest public display TVs, you'll find the technology you need to share your message.
Small Displays
Create a visual connection. Whatever the application, from ultrawide enterprise displays to advanced nano IPS and HDR monitors, LG displays are matched to the unique demands of your environment.
Exceedingly quick, compact, and robust, the LG gram laptop does it all! LG lightweight laptops are sleek and nimble, without sacrificing superior performance and innovative features. Keep business going with up to 16.5 hours of power to hit all your deadlines.

Lifestyle Innovation in HD

LG OLED displays are thinner, lighter, and seamlessly blend into nearly any environment. These cutting-edge displays have a place in all markets: retail, transportation, public spaces, hospitality, and corporate verticals. With their captivating image quality and clarity, LG OLED displays are sure to make your message stand out.

4K Ultra HDTV

LG has rewritten the rulebook once again with 4K image technology. Not only is 4K cost-effective and energy efficient, it changes the way viewers perceive your message. More pixels matter. Here's why:
  • More pixels = more information
  • More information = sharper pictures
  • Sharper pictures = stronger engagement

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The eSports Explosion Is Turning Childhood Dreams into a $1.5 Billion Industry

With the current state of the world and traditional sports at a near stand-still, eSports is positioned to explode at a greater rate than initially anticipated for 2020 and beyond. eSports is a growing industry that outnumbers HBO, Netflix, and ESPN combined in viewership. How is this happening? What are the predictions for eSports? Danik Inselman dives deep into eSports, sharing a very promising future for this industry.
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LG UU340C Series UHD Commercial TVs

LG’s latest public display TV, the UU340C, supports UHD/4K resolution for optimal viewing in diverse business environments. Network management features including WOL (Wake On LAN), SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), and SuperSign Solution ensure easier control. Additionally, the edge-lit LED display and UHD picture quality improves the digital viewing experience.