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Samsung Business offers tailored solutions that are unique to how you operate. Find out how Samsung’s technology transforms organizations across industries worldwide.
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Samsung solutions provide technology that caters to your industry and enables mobility, connectivity, and exceptional performance.
Commercial Displays
Organizations of all sizes across various industries will find a versatile display solution to fit their needs. From easy to use products to platforms built for the most demanding and complex applications, Samsung offers the right fit for your organization.
From low-cost to high-end, find the perfect monitors and displays for your organization.
Find the Samsung SSD storage options that are right for your organizational needs.
Mobile Solutions
Samsung’s integrated mobile platform delivers the flexibility and security that your organization demands, while our services and support ensure that your mobile solution succeeds and grows with your organization.
Notebooks and Chromebooks
Discover mobile devices that offer integration, security, and productivity, while preserving the value of choice. The ultimate in mobility and lightning-fast browsing, notebooks and Chromebooks from Samsung let you navigate your digital world with ease.

Samsung SSD Technology

860 PRO and 860 EVO

Samsung’s newest drives are the perfect combination of speed, endurance, and compatibility. Specifically engineered for long-lasting endurance with the latest V-NAND technology, best-in-class TBW levels, and a reinforced controller, these SSDs make all the difference. They not only provide extra storage capacity, they also enhance system responsiveness and speed up the most demanding applications and processing.
860 PRO
  • Built for workstations, NAS, and high-end computing
  • Less-lag rendering
  • Smooth multitasking performance
  • Best-in-class endurance (up to 4,800 TBW)
  • 860 EVO
  • Designed for mainstream PCs and laptops
  • Super-fast large file transfers
  • Refined everyday computing
  • Wide compatibility with 2.5-inch, mSATA, and M.2
  • Best-in-class endurance (up to 2,400 TBW)
  • Samsung 860 PRO and 860 EVO

    Mobile-Enterprise Security

    Defense-Grade Security for an Open World

    The security of data on mobile devices remains a top concern. Finding a mobile security solution that is both resilient and user-friendly can be a challenge. Samsung Knox security is defense-grade and built right into their devices. Factory-installed security features provide multi-layered protection, applications keep all sensitive data secure, and Knox deployment and customization features make management a snap.

    More Features for More Protection

    Knox Premium is a cloud-based cross-platform enterprise mobility management solution combined with an on-device secure container for Samsung devices. It offers:
    • A cloud-based MDM that complements and improves your existing infrastructure
    • Multi-layered device protection that is designed to keep your business applications and data even safer
    • Real-time kernel protection, on-device encryption, SE for Android, and two-factor biometric authentication
    • The ability to isolate and encrypt data
    • Support for flexible add-ons
    • Integrated identity management with Active Directory

    Discover why everyone needs Samsung Knox to protect their mobile devices.
    Samsung Knox

    Keep Your Data Safe and Protected

    Galaxy S8
    You never really stop using your phone. That’s why Galaxy S8 is driven by the world's first 10nm processor. It's fast and powerful and increases battery efficiency.
    Galaxy Tab S3
    For the first time, enjoy the sleekness of a smartphone with all the benefits of a tablet. Inspire your employees to do more with the Galaxy Tab S3.
    Galaxy Note8
    More screen means more space to do great things. Go big with the Galaxy Note8’s 6.3" screen. It’s the largest ever screen on a Note device and it still fits easily in your hand.

    Transforming an Iconic Hotel with Samsung Technology

    Partnership with Samsung technologies has played an integral role in reviving the SLS Las Vegas, an iconic downtown hotel. Samsung technology has provided hotel guests not only with cutting-edge technology, but with an experience.

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