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Award-Winning 4K Ultra-HD AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display System Coming Soon

Sharp will start 2018 off with a bang with their first 4K Ultra-HD AQUOS BOARD interactive display. It has already received awards, and the product hasn’t even been released yet!
InfoComm 2017 attendees were treated to a preview of the display. It not only wowed attendees, it also left a lasting impression on rAVe [Publications], who named it Best Concept Product and Best New Collaboration Board. The 4K Ultra-HD AQUOS BOARD interactive display has also received international attention. The Japan Institute for Design Promotion has given it the Good Design Award for 2017.
The 70" 4K Ultra-HD AQUOS BOARD interactive display offers a unique Pen-on-Paper™ user experience, versatile installation orientations, multi-board function, and much more.

The 4K Ultra-HD AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display is expected to launch in January 2018.

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Discover the various choices that Sharp Digital Signage Solutions provides for you to update and target your message to the right audience at the right time.

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Sharp PN-V701 Full HD Display

Discover the power of expression with the world's largest 70" Monitor for compelling video walls. The PN-V701 LCD Monitor has a combined bezel width of only 4.4mm and high brightness of 700cd/m2. Additionally, the Sharp PN-V701 features Advanced Uniform Color Calibration Technology for superb uniformity of color and brightness that will surely attract a crowd.