Healthcare Technology Solutions

Better Connections. Better Care.

Connecting the right patient to the right care, at the right time is critically important. Zebra healthcare technology solutions connect medical providers to patient records, caregivers to colleagues, and patients to practitioners for better care and better outcomes.
Zebra offers a full suite of technologies designed for healthcare, including wristband and label printers, scanners, mobile computers, and software that provides visibility and creates efficiencies throughout the care environment. Zebra is a leader in patient identity, mobile healthcare, and real-time locating and tracking. Let us bring the latest technology in healthcare to your facilities.
Better Connections. Better Care.

Fast, Secure Communication for Nurses and Staff

Ensure reliable and clear communication between you and your colleagues. Zebra healthcare communication solutions offer instantaneous delivery of important messages via secure text, voice, and data among doctors, nurses, and medical technicians.
Zebra Workforce Connect Voice turns Zebra's mobile computers into fully featured deskphones. From consolidated mobile computing solutions to scanners, tablets, and mobile printers, only Zebra provides complete healthcare communication mobility solutions to keep your patients and business healthy.
Fast, Secure Communication for Nurses and Staff

Change Is Coming. Are You Ready?

Holding on to legacy mobile devices will hold you back. Change is inevitable, but it shouldn’t disrupt your organization. Now’s the time to re-evaluate your mobile strategy. In a few months, your chances of experiencing poor coverage, dropped calls, and no access to data will dramatically increase. That’s when some U.S. wireless carriers will start decommissioning their non-LTE networks and re-purposing them for LTE. On top of that, don’t ignore what’s going to happen after January 1, 2020.
Microsoft® recently announced it will no longer support Windows® Mobile and Windows® CE in 2020. In just a few months, you could start experiencing poor mobile coverage, dropped calls, increased security risks, and diminished capabilities. The good news is, we can help you get prepared!
Playing It Safe Is Risky Business

Hospital Asset Tracking Solutions

Connection, Zebra, and A2B Tracking Solutions: All You Need to Keep Track of It All

Clinical Inventory Intelligence (CII) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) are changing the way hospitals track, store, and manage their equipment and assets. RFID uses radio waves to communicate between an RFID reader and an electronic tag affixed to an object. CII manages RFID-tagged inventory throughout facilities by tracking items from arrival to end use, freeing medical staff to concentrate on patient care and concerns. Together, they allow hospitals to benefit from a nearly self-managing asset accounting and control system that provides the whereabouts of anything deemed important enough to track. Nothing is too big or too small to keep track of.
Zebra’s hospital asset management system, paired with A2B Tracking Solutions, places sensors and tags on your critical medical assets and devices: patient blood bags, IV pumps, heart monitors, beds, wheelchairs, and anything that influences patient outcomes or has high monetary value. Their RFID readers automatically note the location of the asset or device as it moves—providing real-time visibility into each and every item.
Improve Inventory Management
Ensure your staff has ready access to all of the critical supplies and assets they need, when they need them.
Lower Operational Costs
CII and RFID solutions improve utilization rates of existing equipment, reducing the unnecessary purchase of extra inventory.
Automate Clinical Inventory
Free staff to focus on patient care by automating inventory management. See real-time inventory data, monitor trends, and order before supplies fall below critical levels.
Zebra -  Hospital Asset Tracking Solutions


Reducing Costs and Improving Operational Efficiency

In this episode of Connection Point, we discuss how RFID automates data collection without human intervention, provides continuous process tracking capabilities, and provides near-perfect data accuracy in real time.

Prepared for LTE Migration?

Want to know more about the LTE migration or Windows Mobile OS end of support? Let us help and guide you through this transition.

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