Black Box ServSwitch CX Quad IP 16-port KVM Switch w (4) IP Users

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The ServSwitch CX Quad IP has all the features you are looking for to help manage your enterprise network. Like the ServSwitch CX with IP (KV1416A-R2, KV1424-R2 -- available separately), this model is compatible with all major computer platforms. It connects via lightweight twisted-pair cable and enables you to access servers across any IP network, including the Internet. The ServSwitch CX Quad IP supports up to four remote users over TCP/IP using VNC, plus a local user, for a total number of five users simultaneously.

Although the ServSwitch CX Quad IP can be installed behind the security of your network firewall, it also has the robust security features it needs to be safe on its own. Sophisticated 128-bit public/private key protection locks the switch tight against unauthorized access. Two-tier password protection -- administrative and non-adminstrative -- adds another layer of protection. You can also restrict client IP addresses, limit access to dialup connections only or use non-standard port numbers to further confound would-be hackers.

There are no bulky KVM cables to deal with. Servers are connected via lightweight and inexpensive CAT5, CAT5e or CAT6 UTP cable. At the server end, a Server Access Module (SAM) (sold separately) provides keyboard, video and mouse connections. Servers may be placed up to 32 feet (9.8 m) from the switch. You can mix and match different kinds of servers -- PC, Mac and Sun -- on the same CX switch. Simply choose the appropriate SAM for each server and you are set to go.