Data Center Transformation

Data Center Transformation Services

Build an Agile, Efficient Foundation for Growth

The pace of business has accelerated dramatically, and it demands more from your organization’s IT infrastructure. More agility, more data storage, and more computing power is required to keep up with today’s high-power apps and next-gen tools. Maintaining legacy data centers unfit for the task can monopolize your IT team’s bandwidth, leaving them unable to support strategic goals. This is why 85% of organizations are pursuing a data center modernization strategy.

Don’t let your business initiatives be hamstrung by an inability to scale and compete in today’s environment. Connection understands that addressing these demands can be overwhelming, expensive, and fraught with security concerns. Our team of experts will work with you to help you understand your existing environment and organizational requirements. Next, we create a roadmap to optimize your data center so you can get the most out of your IT team’s most strategic asset. Finally, our consulting model can get your organization on a path to efficient use of all data center assets to quickly and effectively address business needs.

Connection’s Data Center Transformation Services include a range of options to give you the reliability, flexibility, and security you need.

We offer services designed to:

  • Create a secure, maximally-efficient data storage strategy
  • Shorten backup and recovery times
  • Align technology needs with business objectives and requirements
  • Facilitate seamless, high-speed data handling
  • Reduce capital expenditures
  • Provide built-in, end-to-end security against internal and external threats
  • Ensure maximum availability and continuity for users
  • Speed up development and deployment of applications
Customized Data Center Services

Customized Data Center Services

Connection’s breadth of offerings means that whether you need a targeted solution for a specific pain point, a comprehensive solution for a complex problem, or recommendations for a roadmap, we can help. We work with multiple vendors for each solution, so you can feel confident we’re offering a tailored solution rather than a one-size approach. From SMBs to enterprise organizations, federal government to healthcare, we can tailor these services to fit your organization and your industry.

Expert Guidance from Data Center Transformation Specialists

Connection’s Data Center Transformation specialists have spent decades focused on understanding the data center needs of organizations.

Data Center Transformation Services

Plan and Design
Connection will work with you to understand your key requirements, current state, and desired end state—whether that be through conversation and tool-based data gathering or through Connection’s Data Center Transformation Assessment. Based on our findings, we’ll design a data center uniquely suited to your organization. We’ll deliver a complete documentation package with the roadmap that will get you where you need to go.
Build and Optimize
Implement or maintain your data center environment with help from the experts at Connection. Our engineers have the highest level of certification possible from our vendor partners, so you can be confident you’re in good hands from implementation to validation testing to health checks and strategic recommendations.
Migrate and Consolidate
IT organizations need to control costs while modernizing and transforming their data centers. But working on modernization and transformation concurrently can overwhelm IT staff. Connection can help. Whether you need to migrate a physical data center location, limit the number of data centers you currently own, convert EOL workloads, or are having issues managing unstructured data, Connection has services to ensure you get the most from your on-premises computing and storage spend.
Manage and Protect
Proactively prevent outages and adverse security events while gaining the resilience to protect your data with Connection. Our in-house consulting methodology ensures a deep understanding of your organization so you get services precisely calibrated to your needs.

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