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Tripp Lite Replacement Batteries (3)

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Tripp Lite's premium UPS replacement battery cartridges breathe new life into UPS systems suffering from expired or weak internal batteries. Each replacement battery cartridge is carefully screened and certified to meet or exceed original manufacturer specifications and ships ready for installation into your UPS system. Reusable packaging holds expired batteries for recycling center delivery. Compatible with a wide variety UPS brands and models. See Tripp Lite's UPS replacement battery web page to confirm compatibility and quantity required.

Replacement Battery for BCPRO1400, OMNI1000ISO, OMNI750ISO, OMNIPRO1400, OMNISMART1400, OMNISMART1400PNP, OMNISMARTINT1400, SM1500NAFTA, SM1500XLNAFTA, SMART1050SLT (3 individual batteries), SMART1050XLNET, SMART1200XLHG, SMART1400, SMART1400NET, SMART1400XL, SMART1500, SMART1500SLT (3 individual taped batteries - 950w UPS rating), SMART1500XL, SMART700HG, SMART700XL, SMART750XL, SMARTINT1400, SMARTINT1500, SU1000RT2U, SU1000RTXL2U, SU2200RT2U (72V version), SU3000RT3U, SU3000RTXL3U, SU3000RTXL3UHV, SUINT1000RTXL2U, SUINT3000RT3U, SUINT3000RTXL3U, TE1200, TE700, LI 1050 Fortress Rack, GXT1000MT, GXT1000RT, GXT1000RTE, GXT36VBATT, PS1000MT, PS1000RM, Pulsar Evolution 1500 Tower, Pulsar Evolution 2200 Rack/Tower, Pulsar Evolution 3000 Rack/Tower, Pulsar EX10 RACK, MCP1000E, MCP2000E, MCP700E, PW5105 1500i, PW5115 1400, SMX700HG, SMX1200XLHG