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Raise Expectations for Your Data Center

2nd Gen AMD EPYC™ processors set a higher standard for data centers. A groundbreaking design makes AMD EPYC #1 in performance across industry-standard benchmarks, holding 80 world records to date. Get performance you can count on to propel your modern data center workloads. Hardened authentication factors help defend against side-channel attacks and EPYC's secure encrypted virtualization features help keep your data safe. The processor’s agility helps you manage new deployments and changing workloads, with the system resources you need, simply and cost-effectively. AMD is the server processor company you can count on for innovation and leadership today and into the future.
2nd Gen AMD EPYC processor
Protect Detect Recover

Protect, Detect, Recover

As the data center becomes more virtualized, servers should be your strongest defense, arming you with the latest innovations to protect, detect, and recover from security attacks.

Protect: HPE is the only vendor to provide Silicon Root of Trust, which anchors essential firmware to the custom HPE iLO 5 chip. This creates an immutable fingerprint that verifies the firmware code is valid and uncompromised, so the server won’t boot with compromised firmware. A dedicated AMD secure processor is embedded in the AMD EPYC system on a chip. It manages secure boot, tying into the HPE Silicon Root of Trust at the firmware level, and validating the HPE BIOS during the boot process.

Detect: Runtime firmware verification protection during server runtime is provided by an exclusive HPE technology that can conduct daily checks of the server’s essential firmware.

Recover: The exclusive HPE server system restore feature leverages HPE iLO Amplifier Pack software to securely restore up to 10,000 servers with a single click.

HPE and AMD: Better Together

HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 and HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen10 servers are built for virtualization—with security features that help protect your hardware, firmware, and network from unauthorized access and unapproved use. HPE also offers an array of embedded and optional software and firmware, so you can choose the right mix of remote access and control for your network and data center.
HPE and AMD Better Together