Intel® Networking

Intel Network Communications

Keep your data flowing quickly, efficiently, and more secure with Intel® networking. Whether you’re deploying low-latency Intel® Ethernet Network Adapters, advanced 5G wireless solutions, or Intel® Fabric technologies designed for the unique demands of high performance computing (HPC), Intel offers proven reliability and cutting-edge performance from the network edge to the core of your data center.
Intel Network Communications
Intel Ethernet Products

Intel® Ethernet Products

Intel® Ethernet Network Adapters, Controllers, and Accessories offer trusted performance and high compatibility, ensuring your infrastructure is supported today and tomorrow. Put Intel’s 35 years of networking innovation to work for you, with solutions that deliver:
  • Broad interoperability
  • Reliable out-of-the-box experience and ease of use
  • Performance optimized for Intel® architecture and a broad OSV ecosystem
  • Thoroughly tested and validated hardware and software
  • Support for a wide variety of speeds and media types

Intel® Wireless Solutions

Intel® Wireless Solutions

Deliver the connectivity your workforce needs to stay productive from anywhere. Intel® Wireless Solutions offer the speed, reliability, and security that today’s employees demand. With Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) and Intel® Wireless-AC (Gigabit) products, you’ll get blazing-fast download speeds to support your cloud-powered, media-streaming workforce.

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