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ThinkPad tablet PCs combine ultra-mobility, complete connectivity, and smooth multitouch comfort with the traditional ThinkPad virtues of rugged reliability and unmatched security.
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Fueled by the power of a laptop with a full-sized, detachable keyboard, the Lenovo X1 Tablet is like no other 2-in-1 you’ve encountered. Optional modules extend battery life up to 15 hours, increase ports, and add functionality, like the Presenter Module and the Productivity Module.

Go Anywhere with This 2-in-1 Laptop

Lenovo Miix 510 adapts to every moment, whatever you’re doing. Thanks to unique watchband hinges, it is both your laptop and your tablet. Use the keyboard to power through your tasks. Detach it and be creative with your fingertips—or with the optional Lenovo Active Pen.

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Not all devices are created equal, and no one wants to prove that more than Lenovo. Whether your needs include convertibles, traditionals, or workstations, Lenovo’s mobile solutions portfolio offers the choices that keep business moving. Partnered with Intel and Lenovo, Connection offers a special 30-day demonstration bundle that covers several different types and models, allowing you to find the best fits for your teams—for FREE. Even better, shipping is included.

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