Lenovo Showcase

Why Lenovo?

You may know Lenovo just as a company that makes PCs. These days, things are different—and different is better. Lenovo, in partnership with Connection, will help you explore the limits of your organization's potential. With a diverse mobile and personal computing device portfolio and a robust suite of datacenter solutions, brought to you by a team of experts who can help you decide what’s right for your organization, Lenovo and Connection are a winning combination.
Lenovo Solutions

Lenovo Health–Customized Care Anywhere

Ensure anytime, anywhere patient care delivery from hospital to home with end-to-end IT solutions from Lenovo.
Lenovo Healthcare Solutions

Lenovo K–12 Solutions

Better Tools = Better Teaching
Turn-key education solutions from Lenovo start with secure infrastructure, deliver rugged and reliable student devices, and provide comprehensive training on the latest classroom management and educational tools.
Hyper-converged Solutions
Complex IT infrastructures are shifting away from familiar hardware-defined systems toward the new software-defined reality. Lenovo and Connection are committed to hyperconverged infrastructure, software defined storage, and the continued evolution of IT infrastructure.
Lenovo and Windows 10
  • Windows 10 and Lenovo products are optimized for breakthrough innovation and reliability
  • Both Microsoft and Lenovo drive create technology that solves critical real-world challenges
  • Windows 10 supports both multidevice users and multiuser devices with easy manageability, while Lenovo builds for quality and reliability