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Why Lenovo?

You may know Lenovo just as a company that makes PCs. These days, things are different—and different is better. Lenovo, in partnership with Connection, will help you explore the limits of your organization's potential. With a diverse mobile and personal computing device portfolio and a robust suite of data center solutions, brought to you by a team of experts who can help you decide what’s right for your organization, Lenovo and Connection are a winning combination.
Lenovo Products - Monitor, Laptop, and Desktops

Realize Your Potential

ThinkStation P320 Tiny Packs a Punch

At 96% smaller than a traditional workstation, ThinkStation P320 Tiny is extremely compact. It’s also very versatile and can fit just about anywhere, horizontally or vertically. Supporting up to six independent displays, this tiny workstation is ideal for any application. ISV-certification makes ThinkStation P320 Tiny a top choice across industries, ensuring a consistent and accurate software experience. What’s more, with the Lenovo Performance Tuner application, you can easily optimize system settings and maximize performance.
Lenovo ThinkStation P320 Tiny Packs a Punch

Lenovo Health–Customized Care Anywhere

Ensure anytime, anywhere patient care delivery from hospital to home with end-to-end IT solutions from Lenovo.
Lenovo Healthcare Solutions

Lenovo Product Solutions

Better Tools = Better Teaching
Turn-key education solutions from Lenovo start with secure infrastructure, deliver rugged and reliable student devices, and provide comprehensive training on the latest classroom management and educational tools.
Hyperconverged Solutions
Complex IT infrastructures are shifting away from familiar hardware-defined systems toward the new software-defined reality. Lenovo and Connection are committed to hyper-converged infrastructure, software defined storage, and the continued evolution of IT infrastructure.
Lenovo and Windows 10
  • Windows 10 and Lenovo products are optimized for breakthrough innovation and reliability
  • Both Microsoft and Lenovo drive technology that solves critical real-world challenges
  • Windows 10 supports both multi-device users and multi-user devices with easy manageability, while Lenovo builds for quality and reliability