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Find common ground with your team and make collaboration easy! Poly’s high-quality headsets, and voice, video, and video-interop solutions work seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. Boost collaboration and productivity with a one-stop shop for all your organization’s collaboration device needs. Poly solutions protect your investments by enabling existing video and voice conferencing equipment to work easily with your current and future Microsoft collaboration platforms. Our Poly Professional Services Team provides you with the expertise to plan, deploy, operate, and support your Microsoft solution environment.
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Poly Microsoft Solutions -Connect People, Not Things
Make Working from Home Work for You

Make Working from Home Work for You

Poly products keep communication seamless and make it feel like you're in the office, so you can have the same impact from home. Stay part of the conversation and don't miss a beat. Poly and Connection can help you find the right mix of solutions for your remote workforce.

Poly Power for Your Microsoft Teams Meetings

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Phones for Microsoft

Dial-up Productivity
Certified for Microsoft Teams

Dial-up Productivity

Simple and intuitive to use, Poly CCX Series Phones for Microsoft Teams helps you get down to work immediately. Personalize yours with the headset that suits your style—or use the traditional handset. It’s your choice. Block out the office chaos and focus. Teams will be at their productive best in no time.

Legendary Voice Quality

  • Twice the clarity of ordinary phone calls
  • Full duplex, echo cancellation, and noise reduction
  • Advanced voice processing
  • Virtual audio fence
Simple and Intuitive

  • Native Microsoft Teams for consistency across all devices and meeting rooms
  • Color touch screen puts contacts and meetings one tap away
  • Dedicated Microsoft Teams button (CCX 500 and CCX 600)
  • Robust provisioning and management tools take the headache out of telephony deployment and support
Designed for the Way You Work

  • Handset- and headset-specific models available*
  • Can be personalized with most Poly headsets
  • Simple to install
  • Bluetooth included*
  • 7" screen** is perfect for managers and executives
*CCX 500 and 600 only
**CCX 600
Select a Model to Review
CCX Series
Poly CCX 400
Poly CCX 400
Poly CCX 500
Poly CCX 500
Poly CCX 600
Poly CCX 600
User type Entry Level/Common Area Office Cubicle, Knowledge Worker Manager, Executive
Color LCD Display 5 inch 5 inch 7 inch
Android Android 9 Android 9 Android 9
Dedicated Teams button
USB 1 USB (Type A) 2 USB (Type A ,Type C) 2 USB (Type A ,Type C)
Bluetooth Optional (via USB accessory)
Wi-Fi Optional (via USB accessory) Optional (via USB accessory)
Phone profiles Teams only (at launch) Skype for Business, Teams Skype for Business, Teams
Handset / No Handset / With Headset Handset only Handset or No Handset Handset or No Handset
Trio C60 Teams

Trio C60

Simple Conferencing at Your Fingertips

Bring people together, launch big ideas, and make sure everyone at the table can be heard. With the Poly Trio C60 Conference Phone, everything you need is at your fingertips. So simple, so powerful.
Poly Signature Audio
For a conference call that get results, Poly audio ensures every inflection is heard, without distracting background noise. Hear their reaction with up to 22 kHz of rich, full sound.
One-Touch Join
Join a meeting in seconds with a single touch of a button and keep your meeting time productive.
Simple Meeting Control
Complement your Studio X50 or X30 video solution with fast, simple control from the Trio C60.

Trio C60 Features
Network Connectivity
PoE/PoE+, Wi-Fi (2.4/5GHz)
Cable Management
USB/LAN/HDMI underneath
BYOD Connectivity
via Bluetooth or USB
Proximity Sensor (PIR)
When someone is detected, the device wakes up automatically

Video Solutions for Microsoft

Poly Studio

Premium USB Video Bar

Big ideas can happen in small spaces. Poly Studio sets the stage. With its room-filling sound and pinpoint accurate microphones, it makes sure no flashes of brilliance are lost. Teams experience meetings as if everyone’s there in person. And noise-blocking features keep everybody focused on the same thing: doing great work.

Best In-class Audio

Delivering the best audio quality in its class, Poly Studio lets teams on both ends of the call catch every word. You’ve never heard a USB video bar sound this good. This is the only USB video bar with patented NoiseBlock™ technology that intelligently tunes out distracting sounds that interrupt meetings. Outside conversations stay out of your calls with Acoustic Fence, which captures only the voices within a defined space. Every voice in the room is heard clearly with a full 12-foot microphone pickup range and high-fidelity stereo audio.

Dynamic Video Experience

With group framing and automatic speaker tracking, the connection feels personal. And it’s built right in, no drivers or software is needed on the PC. Everybody on the video call can see the important details—right down to body language and facial expressions. Poly's exclusive speaker tracking technology intelligently focuses on the person talking—even if they move around the room. Smart panning and unique split-screen conversation mode follow the conversation flow, driven by Poly MeetingAI. Forget about fisheye—everyone in the room is captured with an ultra-wide 120° field of view. The focus is uncompromised with a 4K camera that stays in HD even when zooming in.

Simple to Manage and Deploy

Easy to manage? You bet. The cloud-based management tools let IT push software updates and make settings changes without ever leaving their desk. Centralized management and high-scale deployments help IT eliminate “sneakernet.” Works with nearly any video platform—so you can be confident this is a future-proof solution. Setup with a PC or Mac is easy through USB connectivity. Poly Studio can be placed wherever it works best in each room, thanks to flexible mounting options.

Poly Studio X

Poly Studio X

Give Your Conference Room Meeting Mojo

Poly Studio X video bars deliver radical simplicity in a single, sleek device. Leave your PC or Mac at your desk. Then huddle in smaller rooms and connect easily in conference rooms.

  • Simple setup gets rooms up and running in minutes
  • No PC or Mac required, with cloud service platform support built in
  • Control from the comfort of your chair or a quick touch on the screen
  • Feel connected with production-quality camera framing
  • Block out distractions with NoiseblockAI, powered by machine learning
  • Easily share content over wired or wireless connections
  • Native support for many Video-as-a-Service (VaaS) platforms, without the need for a PC
  • H.323 and SIP support for easy connection to any standards-based video solutions or VaaS gateway
Select a Model to Review
Studio X
Poly Studio X30
Poly Studio X30
Poly Studio X50
Poly Studio X50
Native Zoom Interface (Zoom Mode)
H.323 / SIP (Poly Video Mode)
4K camera with automatic framing and tracking
Number of Speakers 1 (mono) 2 (stereo)
Poly TC8 available for easy touch control
Monitors Supported 1 2
Recommended number of participants Up to 6 Up to 10
Camera Zoom 4x 5x
Poly TC8

Control Your Collaboration with Ease

Bring your video conferencing with the Studio X family to the next level. The Poly TC8 features an intuitive touch interface that provides easy access to Poly video conferencing solutions. The sleek design features an 8" high-resolution touch display to ensure that the control options are clear and accessible. Never stress about getting your meeting going again. Have confidence that you can easily initiate, join, or share content and focus on better collaboration.

Headsets for Microsoft

Voyager 4200 Series

Voyager 4200 Office and UC Series

Power up productivity for office workers with Voyager 4200 Office Series Bluetooth® wireless headsets. Vibrant sound is given along with a roaming range of up to 300 ft. Users can choose from two comfortable over-the-head styles. Mono lets them hear their surroundings. Stereo is ideal for listening to media and making every conversation sound like it’s face-to-face. Outstanding noise canceling and dual microphones help block out nearby talkers. Check out the Microsoft Teams versions with a dedicated Teams button for instant access.

Check out the new Voyager 4245 Office headset here. The lightest Bluetooth headset of its kind. Move freely and collaborate in comfort, all day.

Voyager 5200 Series

Voyager 5200 Office and UC Series

Workers in and out of the office need a Bluetooth® headset that moves with them. Voyager 5200 Office Series headsets sound professional in any environment, whether connected to a desk phone, PC, or mobile. With six layers of WindSmart technology and four omni-directional microphones to reduce distracting background noise, nothing gets in the way of a clear connection—no matter what type of device they are using to communicate with in and out of the office. Sleek and pocketsized, the headset is comfortable enough to wear all day. Check out the Microsoft Teams version to support easy collaboration and communication with a dedicated teams button for instant access to the Teams App.

Savi 8200 Series

Savi 8200 Office and UC Series

Noisy workspace? No problem. Invest in getting more done with the Savi 8200 UC Series headsets. Tune out nearby noise and keep every conversation secure, private, and clear with close conversation limiting noise cancellation. Give your employees the freedom to roam plus long talk time—up to 13 hours with over-the-head models, Savi 8210/8220 and up to 7 hours with Savi 8240. With multiple wearing styles, you can let every member of your team pick their favorite or keep their options open with the convertible model. Wherever you work, the Savi 8200 UC Series helps you be at your best all day long.

Poly Blackwire 8225

Blackwire USB Headsets

This series delivers best-in-class noise-canceling microphones and hi-fi stereo sound. This truly outstanding audio experience is delivered through a fully adjustable boom or boomless mic—ideal for PC-based unified communications, music, and multimedia. These headsets not only sound great, but the stylish design is built to wear all day with pillow-soft ear cushions and padded headbands. Whether you're looking for a USB-A, USB-C, or 3.5mm connectivity, the Blackwire delivers an immersive experience to focus on your work.

Check out the new Blackwire 8225 USB headsets here. Premium corded UC headsets, stay distraction free on both sides of the call!

Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams

Poly Lifestyle


Transform Your Everyday Meeting into a Powerful Experience

Poly offers a variety of room collaboration options for Microsoft Teams users that range from personal office to large conference rooms, while ensuring the simplicity and high-quality audio and video experience. Poly room solutions for Microsoft Teams deliver simple, yet powerful collaboration experiences that will get the best out of your meetings.

  • Comprehensive solution that covers executive office and touch-down rooms to large conference rooms
  • Designed to keep the room clutter-free and easy to deploy and manage
  • Powerful audio and video technologies that enhance the overall meeting experience
  • Turns any meeting space into a familiar Microsoft Teams collaboration space



Poly G10-T is a base Microsoft Teams Rooms kit for customers with existing Microsoft Teams Rooms-certified audio and video devices.

Poly G10-T Includes:
Poly GC8
Lenovo ThinkSmart Edition Tiny
10 m high-speed fiber optic USB cable


Poly G40-T, small and medium room solution for Microsoft Teams, delivers a clutter-free Microsoft Teams Rooms experience combined with powerful Poly signature audio and video technologies.

Poly G40-T Includes:
Poly GC8
Lenovo ThinkSmart Edition Tiny
10 m high-speed fiber optic USB cable
Poly Studio


Poly G80-T, medium and large room solution for Microsoft Teams, delivers a clutter-free Microsoft Teams Rooms experience combined with powerful Poly signature audio and video experience.

Poly G80-T Includes:
Poly GC8
Lenovo ThinkSmart Edition Tiny
10 m high-speed fiber optic USB cable
Poly EagleEye Director II
Poly Trio C60

Services for Microsoft

Better Collaboration. Fewer Headaches.

Better Collaboration. Fewer Headaches.

With Managed Services for Microsoft Teams, you get a single provider that delivers everything you need: management of the cloud, your endpoint devices, and agility for your entire enterprise. Poly knows that driving adoption fast is a high priority. That’s why Poly trains your end users, based on their needs.

Poly and Connection have Microsoft Teams support fully covered, so your IT is freed-up to focus on mission-critical priorities. Don’t worry about warranties or replacing hardware. Connection and Poly have got you covered!

Contact an Account Manager for more information.

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