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Make collaboration simple but make it great—and that is what Poly plus Zoom delivers. Poly’s vast portfolio of next generation room solutions—optimized and certified for Zoom—brings people together to get things done. Whether it’s talking on the phone, videoconferencing, or sharing content, Zoom and Poly can help everyone huddle up, talk it out, and move it forward.
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Plantronics and Polycom
Poly Solutions for Zoom
Zoom Deployment

Taking Your Zoom Deployment from Good to Great

You chose Zoom so your organization could communicate, collaborate, and share content. But PCs, laptops, and mobile phones by themselves may not be delivering the most professional experience for all workstyles and workspaces. This guide is designed to help you learn:

  • How to assess needs and make informed decisions on enterprise-grade audio, video, and phone device types
  • Why a great Zoom experience matters and how to optimize it for your organization
  • How to select the right smart devices for your Zoom Meetings, Zoom Rooms, and Zoom Phones
  • How to improve engagement and strengthen human connections with business-quality audio and video that delivers better outcomes for your organization
  • Proven tips and next steps for running a successful pilot program

TechSperience Podcast

Episode 74: Elevate Your Zoom Experience, Zoom Simplicity Created by Poly Power

Poly’s audio and video innovations make Zoom’s voice and video communications feel natural and work effortlessly. Listen to the experts discuss today’s needs for best-in-class voice and video, and how to put Poly and Zoom’s partnership to work for you.
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Poly Power for Your Zoom Meetings

Video Solutions for Zoom
Headsets for Zoom
Phones for Zoom

Video Solutions for Zoom

Video Solutions for Zoom

Radically Simple. Simply Powerful.

Poly Studio USB and Studio X Series Video Bars deliver radical simplicity in a complete and elegant package. Now you can huddle easily in smaller spaces, executive meeting rooms, or home offices and connect with confidence—whatever video collaboration software you use. Experience full boardroom quality audio, advanced camera capabilities, and wireless content sharing—all miniaturized into one sleek bar.

Select a Model to Review
Poly Studio
Poly Studio USB
Poly Studio USB

Ideal for huddle rooms of up to 4 participants
Poly Studio X30
Poly Studio X30

Ideal for huddle rooms of up to 6 participants
Poly Studio X50
Poly Studio X50

Ideal for small-to-midsize rooms of up to 10 participants
Monitors supported Depends on Mac/PC 1 2
Speakers 2 (stereo) 1 (mono) 2 (stereo)
Microphone Pickup 12 feet 15 feet 25 feet
Camera with auto framing / tracking 4x 5x
Camera Presets None None Yes
External Mic Support Yes No Yes
Aux Audio In/Out No No Yes
Size 17"W x 3"W x 3"D 17"W x 3"W x 3"D 30"W x 4"W x 4"D

Headset Solutions for Zoom

Voyager 4200 Series

Voyager 4200 Office and UC Series

Power up productivity for office workers with Voyager 4200 Office Series Bluetooth® wireless headsets. Users can choose from two comfortable over-the-head styles. Mono lets them hear their surroundings. Stereo is ideal for listening to media and making every conversation sound like it’s face-to-face. Outstanding noise canceling and dual microphones create a clear, distraction-free Zoom experience with a roaming range of up to 300 ft.

Check out the new Voyager 4245 Office headset here. The lightest Bluetooth headset of its kind. Move freely and collaborate in comfort, all day.

Poly Blackwire 8225

Blackwire USB Headsets

This series delivers best-in-class noise-canceling microphones and hi-fi stereo sound. This truly outstanding audio experience is ideal for Zoom, music, and multimedia. These headsets not only sound great, but the stylish design is built to wear all day with pillow-soft ear cushions and padded headbands. Whether you're looking for a USB-A, USB-C, or 3.5mm connectivity, Blackwire delivers an immersive experience to focus on your work.

Check out the new Blackwire 8225 USB headsets here. Premium corded UC headsets, stay distraction free on both sides of the call!

Savi 8200 Series

Savi 8200 Office and UC Series

Noisy workspace? No problem. Invest in getting more done with the Savi 8200 headsets. Tune out nearby noise and keep every Zoom conversation secure, private, and clear with close conversation limiting noise cancellation. Give your employees the freedom to roam plus long talk time—up to 13 hours with over-the-head models, Savi 8210/8220 and up to 7 hours with Savi 8240. With multiple wearing styles, you can let every member of your team pick their favorite or keep their options open with the convertible model.

Voyager 5200 Series

Voyager 5200 Office and UC Series

Workers in and out of the office need a Bluetooth® headset that moves with them. Voyager 5200 headsets sound professional in any environment, whether connected to a desk phone, PC, or mobile. With six layers of WindSmart technology and four omni-directional microphones to reduce distracting background noise, nothing gets in the way of a clear connection with Zoom—no matter what type of device they are using to communicate with in and out of the office. Sleek and pocket-sized, the headset is comfortable enough to wear all day.

Poly Voice Solutions for Zoom

Desk Phones

Desk Phones that Mean Business

Seamlessly elevate the Zoom Phone experience. Poly desktop and conference phones feature legendary audio and simple deployment options. Certified integration with Zoom’s platform helps you achieve VoIP cost savings while delivering the industry’s best sound quality and the features users love.

Best Price to Value

  • Poly offers a large range of desktop phones to meet your budget and communication needs
  • Loaded with sophisticated features traditionally found only on high-end desktop phones
  • Large color displays help users connect fast
Legendary Audio

  • Crystal-clear audio performance lets you hear every inflection
  • Polycom® HD Voice™ for clear, wideband audio performance
  • Polycom® Acoustic Fence™ technology is designed to minimize the impact of nearby noises
Easy Deployment

  • Implement crystal-clear audio at personal endpoints painlessly
  • Cloud-based zero-touch provisioning reduces deployment time and cost
  • Web-based configuration tool for easy administration, upgrades, and maintenance
Cloud Services for Management and Analytics

  • Polycom Device Management Service (PDMS) simplifies the complete device lifecycle and optimizes limited IT resources by offering over 400 pre-loaded best practice profiles
  • Service Provider Device Management (OBiTalk) provisions, manages, and provides better ongoing support without touching the device itself and offers device logging, packet capture, QoS, and statistic reporting data analytics
Trio C60 Teams

Trio C60—Simple Conferencing at Your Fingertips

Bring people together, launch big ideas, and make sure everyone at the table can be heard. With the Poly Trio C60 Conference Phone, everything you need is at your fingertips. So simple, so powerful.
Poly Signature Audio
For a conference call that get results, Poly audio ensures every inflection is heard, without distracting background noise. Hear their reaction with up to 22 kHz of rich, full sound.
One-Touch Join
Join a meeting in seconds with a single touch of a button and keep your meeting time productive.

Simple Meeting Control
Complement your Studio X50 or X30 video solution with fast, simple control from the Trio C60.

Trio C60 Features
Network Connectivity
PoE/PoE+, Wi-Fi (2.4/5GHz)
Cable Management
USB/LAN/HDMI underneath
BYOD Connectivity
via Bluetooth or USB
Proximity Sensor (PIR)
When someone is detected, the device wakes up automatically

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