Belkin Conserve Surge Protector with Timer, 1080 Joules, (8) Outlets, 6ft Cord

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  • 10199990
  • CNS08-T-06
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  • 8 Power Outlets
  • Strip Form Factor
  • Warranty: Lifetime
Most businesses use -- and waste -- as much energy outside the data center as they do inside it. Nearly 50 percent of IT-related energy costs occur right at the workstation. Office electronics continue to consume electricity even after being powered off. This wasted energy is called "standby power" and you are paying for this every month. The Belkin Conserve Surge with Timer can help you take control of energy consumption right where it originates -- at your desktops.

With six switchable "auto off" outlets, two "always on" outlets and an automatic timer to power off peripheral
devices, the intuitive design of the Conserve Surge with Timer makes it easy to limit power consumption at the workstation. After 11 hours, the surge protector's automatic timer will power off devices plugged into the six switchable outlets. You would use them for nonessential devices such as lamps, phone chargers and printers. Two "always on" outlets ensure that critical devices like PCs and printers stay connected at all times. When you need power early in the morning or late at night, simply power on with the touch of a button.

The Belkin Conserve Surge with Timer allows IT managers to control energy costs and empowers employees to contribute to a greener office environment. Packaging is fully recyclable and includes a convenient reference card for easy installation.