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The problem… You've got a handful of cables that need to go behind 20 feet of wall and end up in your wiring closet. You could use fish tape to pull each cable over individually, but who has that much time to waste? Luckily, Black Box has the solution: OPTISOK Cable Pulling Grips. The OPTISOK is a flexible and expandable nonmetallic polyester/nylon sleeve. It's open on one end and has a pull ring on the other. Once you establish what size OPTISOK you're going to need, insert the cables into the OPTISOK's sleeve. The OPTISOK works like a Chinese handcuff: as you pull on the end with the ring, the OPTISOK tightens around the cables, holding them inside the sleeve. Attach the ring to a pulling line or fish tape, and you're ready to pull the bundle through restricted spaces. Once you're through with the OPTISOK, you'll need to release the tension on the cables. Push the OPTISOK material only in the direction of the ring. This will relax the material and release the cables. If you can't reach the OPTISOK to release it, you can easily cut away the OPTISOK with scissors - without cable or connector damage.