Datamax-O'Neil Black Printer Ribbon for Symbol PDT8000 Series Printers

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O'Neil ribbons are made from the highest quality nylon. Cheaper, low quality nylon (as often found in low priced, aftermarket ribbons) is more susceptible to breaking and fraying. If this occurs, the printhead can be seriously damaged, resulting in costly repair.

O'Neil Certified ribbons are formulated with the highest quality, low abrasion inks. This ensures maximum printhead life and clean, consistent imaging throughout the life of the ribbon. Aftermarket ribbons are often formulated with low quality inks, which are more abrasive and can damage and/or shorten the life of the printhead. Lower quality inks also yield inconsistent and poor quality images, with rapid deterioration toward the end of the ribbon life.

The O'Neil 8i ribbon comes with a re-inking system built into the cartridge.