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As more OM3 and OM4 multimode fiber is installed in enterprise networks to support 10, 40, and 100 gigabit traffic, fiber infrastructure reliability has never been more critical. As such, the essential capability for enterprise technicians to measure and troubleshoot individual components of the overall fiber channel to prevent network downtime (or to hasten its recovery) is considered one of the fiber best practices. It is no longer acceptable for the technician to spend costly time troubleshooting using a trial and error process before elevating the issue to another technician with OTDR experience. Every technician should have the network tester tools "on their belt" capable of pinpointing the problem within seconds.

Fluke Networks' Fiber QuickMap is an enterprise fiber troubleshooter that quickly and efficiently locates connections and breaks in multimode fiber. By instantly providing distances to failures such as high loss and high reflectance incidents, Fiber QuickMap is the must-have network tester for any technician who works with fiber.

The Fluke FTS900 Fiber QuickMap Troubleshooter with VFL is a fiber optic cable test kit that includes a Fiber QuickMap multimode fiber tester and a VisiFault VFL for verification and troubleshooting of cabling in multimode fiber networks. The Fiber QuickMap multimode fiber tester measures fiber length, locates connections and breaks, and provides distances to failures such as high-loss and high-reflectance incidents. With one-button testing and a typical test speed of six seconds, the tester promptly locates and displays up to nine incidents of potentially problematic links and connections in the channel. It detects optical signals from 600 nm to 1050 nm, indicating when a line is active. Loss and reflectance thresholds can be adjusted to suit specific applications, and an indicator lights up when the limit has been exceeded. Test results are displayed on a black and white LCD that has a backlight for visibility in low light. The tester turns off automatically after five minutes of non-use to conserve battery life. Additional specifications include a reflectance accuracy of + or - 4 dB and various environmental operating conditions. Fiber testers are used by network technicians to troubleshoot, maintain, and optimize performance of fiber optic cable in enterprise networks.

The VisiFault VFL (visual fault locator) traces fibers, checks continuity and polarity, and helps find breaks, connectors, and splices in multimode and singlemode fiber, emitting a high-visibility red laser that can be set for continuous or flashing output to trace and identify fibers. It includes a 2.5 mm universal adapter that is compatible with SC, ST, FC, and FJ connectors. Additional specifications include various environmental operating conditions. In addition to the Fiber QuickMap and VisiFault VFL, the kit includes SC/SC and SC/LC (50 µm and 62.5 µm) hybrid test reference cords, batteries for each device, Linkware software CD, a carrying pouch, and instructions.