Lenovo RDX 3.0 Removable Dock w 1TB RDX Cartridge for Family 6190+01 IBM Multimedia Backup Enclosure

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  • 17993088
  • 00NV408
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A great alternative to tape!
Ordering Information
  • USB Type B Connector(s)
  • Native Capacity = 1000GB
  • Warranty: 1 Year
This is the RDX 3.0 Removable Dock with 1TB RDX Cartridge for the Family 6190+01 IBM Multimedia Backup Enclosure. The cartridge is in a protective rugged enclosure that plugs into the docking station. The docking station holds one removable disk cartridge at a time. The removable disk cartridge backs up information similar to tape drive data cartridges. The electronic interface is USB level 3.0. The RDX removable dock and drive bundles include a half-high drive latch, a USB interface assembly, and an external USB cable. RDX removable disk technology can be an excellent alternative to LTO5 tape drives and tape cartridges. Additional RDX removable drive cartridges may be ordered in any capacity.

RDX cartridges are built to withstand a fall from nearly one meter and are durable, small, and like tape cartridges, can be stored off-site for disaster recovery protection. RDX also provides the same easy expandability as tape. When you reach capacity with one removable disk cartridge, you can manage the RDX drive information by either writing over the old data, or ejecting the full cartridge and inserting a new one.

RDX removable drive cartridges can also be an alternative to DVD disks. Archiving capacities greater than 10 GB require multiple DVD disks which means more handling and shelf space are needed. A single 500 GB RDX drive cartridge, for example, can store more data than 50 standard DVDs.